Patrol Information

COVID-19 Please refer to the NSW Government COVID Site – for up to date information.

When not to attend SLS Activities – COVID-19:

  • Have any symptoms (ie fever, sore/scratchy throat, shortness of breath or loss of taste/smell)
  • Have been in close con)tact with someone who has tested positive for COVID-19
  • Have tested positive for COVID-19, please wait until you have been given medical clearance to attend again.
  • Have travelled overseas, to Victoria or to an area of increased testing (hotspot – and refer to the NSW Government COVID 19 site) in the 14 days prior to any of your training/sls activities.

Please also consider downloading the Federal Governments COVIDSafe App.  The app speeds up contacting people exposed to COVID-19, helping support and protect you, your family and your friends.

RENEW YOUR MEMBERSHIP FOR THE UPCOMING SEASON and/or complete skills maintenance in Resuscitation, Radio, IRB Crew etc in your Members Area Account –

and for further instructions click here – SLSA Members Portal Online Requalification’s – how to guide as at 22-8-2018

How to request a substitute instructions, click here – PATROL SUBSTITUTIONS IN MEMBERS AREA

SOPs – Lifesaving Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) 2019-20











  • If you cannot make your patrol dates
    • Find a replacement for your rostered patrol either by


  • As per the SLSNSW Standard Operating Procedures, a volunteer SLS patrol must consist of the following MINIMUM personnel:
      • 3 x Bronze (Cert II) qualified members (proficient).

The following proficient qualifications/awards must be held by the collective patrol members on any patrol day:

      • 1 x Silver Medallion IRB Driver (proficient)*
      • 1 x IRB Crew (proficient)*
      • 1 x ARTC (proficient)*
      • 1 x Silver Medallion Beach Management *


  • * These awards may be shared between the three patrolling members on patrol.
  • The minimum patrol requirements will need to be followed when configuring patrol rosters for the 2019\2020 season.
  • Clubs/Branches may set further requirements on top of the SLSNSW minimum patrol requirements.
  • Uniform: Patrolling lifesavers should be professional and neat in appearance, as to present the best possible image to the community and be easily identifiable as an on-duty lifesaver.
        • SLSA yellow long sleeved patrol shirt
        • SLSA red patrol shorts
        • Red and yellow quartered cap
        • SLSA red patrol peaked-cap or wide-brim hat
        • If wearing a jacket on patrol, a red/yellow jacket which meets SLSA brand guidelines shall be worn.  (These can be ordered through Jacqui in the office)

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